Apartment Dwellers: What to Expect When You Need Pest Control

Apartments are great for those who are single, live with a roommate or have a small family. Rather than having the responsibility of physically and financially taking care of a home, apartments offer the convenience of just enough space to store your things. Unfortunately, when it comes to pests, that is a whole other story. If improperly handled, a pest infestation in one apartment can affect the entire building. Keep reading on how to best prepare your apartment when you need pest control.

Call the Pest Control Professionals

As an apartment dweller, you know that you are sharing a space with other people. That means that any pests that enter into your apartment have easy access into the other apartments as well due to shared plumbing, walls and wires. So, if you notice an infestation in your residence, notify your landlord immediately. Once a pest control professional is called in, he will inspect the apartment to determine the species of pests as well as how much damage has occurred. He will also check to see if there is any pest infestation in other apartments. Once the damage has been accessed, and the species has been identified, then proper treatment can be administered.

Prepare for Treatment

Before the pest control professionals arrive, do your best to prepare your apartment. Make sure all food is put away and properly stored. Any pet food, bedding or toys should be placed in a safe area. Children’s toys should be placed in sealed containers. Try to make sure that your apartment is as neat and clutter-free as possible so that the exterminators have room to get behind your furniture. This includes making sure all surfaces are cleared off. Take out all garbage. Helping the exterminators as much as possible will only help the situation.

After Treatment

Wait to enter your apartment for the time allotted. Don’t begin cleaning- let the treatment do its job. However, when you are touching surfaces for the first time, you may wish to wear gloves to protect yourself, or at least wash your hands thoroughly. Keep an eye out for any pests, dead or alive. If you find that your apartment is still overrun with live pests after a week’s time, alert your landlord to call the pest control professionals again, as further treatment may be needed.

Whether you are an apartment manager or tenant, don’t hesitate to call Harbor Pest Control for all of your pest control needs.