Pest Infestations

How Common Are Pest Infestations?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you or someone you know has dealt with a pest infestation. 

A national survey from 2012 reported that 84% of Americans had pest problems, and in 2019 over 14 million residents saw cockroaches or rodents near and within their homes. 

The unfortunate truth is that pest infestations are more common than we think, and without preventative and swift treatment, they can quickly escalate into infrastructural issues. Continue reading for Harbor Pest Control’s rundown of which pests you’re likely to encounter and how infestations can affect you and your property. 

The Most Common Pests


One of the most widely reported pests, cockroaches, can easily overtake homes or places of business. 

Attracted to warm, wet, and dark environments, these insects often sneak onto properties via plumbing systems. They are experts at hiding, so if you see one, an infestation is highly likely. 

Bed Bugs

Perhaps some of the sneakiest pests, bed bugs, can make their way into your home often with your very assistance. 

Whether the hotel you just visited had an infestation or the used sofa you got a great bargain for did, bed bugs are more common of a problem than you might think. Their food source is our blood, which is why most people don’t realize they have bed bugs until they wake up with itchy red bumps. 


A leading cause of building damage, termites’ feeding on wood can pose serious and costly threats following infestation. 

What makes the insects a persistent problem is their ability to go unnoticed within structures, often until it’s too late and significant damage has been done. 

Watching out for hollow or crumbling wood, paint bubbles, swarmers, and mud tubes are routine measures you can take to prevent infestation or catch it early on. 


Sometimes large and always alarming, mice and rats are extremely common pests. 

Vectors of various diseases, having them on your property is never good news. Signs of rodent infestation can include droppings, either by entryways or in pantries, holes in walls, chewed food packages, and the occasional nest. 

Since food and shelter is their main motivation, make sure to lock them out by sealing off entries as well as using airtight containers to store your food. 

Your home or business’ infrastructure is its ultimate defense, and problems with the foundation or plumbing can quickly become a way for pests to enter. 

We’ve laid out some additional steps you can take here to prevent infestations, but ultimately you need to call Harbor Pest Control

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