How To Keep Ants Away From Your July 4th BBQ

Ants are attracted to our communities and homes in San Diego, CA because we provide the things they need to support and expand their colonies. These things include a place to nest and an endless supply of food and water. When we gather with our families on July 4th to cook out, we inadvertently send ants an invitation to join us. This happens as soon as we put our seasoned meats on the gridiron and fire up the grill. With over 400 odor receptors, ants can smell our food, and they know how to follow their noses to find it.

Behavior Patterns of Ants

Ants are some of the most brazen insects that property owners have to deal with on 4th of July. When no safeguards are in place, these pesky critters will seize any opportunity to invade your backyard. Because they are so tiny and stealthy, they can crawl onto your blanket or porch and feast on any crumbs or spilled beverage without you knowing. Due to the fact that you are standing between them and their newfound food source, they will not hesitate to bite you. Thankfully, there is a simple solution for combating ants.

Proper Countermeasures

The first step is to check your yard for any nests or mounds. If you find one, you can use a pesticide to destroy it. The poisonous liquid or powder will devastate the ants, and their plans to invade your home will be thwarted as a result. If you store your food properly, clean your home regularly and maintain your outdoor space, you can make your lawn and your home less vulnerable to an ant invasion.

While ants often look to build their nests in warm and moist places, they can live in trees and other dry areas. For this reason, you should remove big branches and logs out of your yard, and consider limiting the amount of plants and mulch that you put around your home. Laying down baits near possible entry points, replacing damaged weatherstrips on windows and fixing timeworn door screens will go a long way toward keeping these stealthy biters at bay. However, even if you take all of these countermeasures and stay on the offensive, you will likely have an ant problem until you let a professional pest exterminator step in with a more effective solution.

Quality and Reliable Ant Control Service

Ants are pervasive and industrious, and when they take up residence in your home, they will pose a threat to your peace of mind. Here is some good news: You are not alone in your fight against ants. Exterminating experts in San Diego, CA, will gladly treat your home. Call Harbor Pest Control if you want an ant-free yard.