Preventing Ants From Joining Your Memorial Day BBQ

For many people, Memorial Day marks the end of cold and rainy weather and signals the approach of summer, and if you are like others, you are looking forward to cooking out, enjoying the weather and celebrating everything that the troops have done for our country. If you wish to get the most from your cookout, you need to remember that you are not the only one who likes good food and sunny skies. When the temperature starts to rise, ants will venture out into the world, searching for food in and around your home. Unless you take the proper steps to safeguard your picnic area from the threat, it won’t be long before the pesky insects launch their invasion.

Foods That Attract Ants

When your goals involve preventing ants from taking over your cookout, learning what foods draw their attention is a smart move that you won’t want to overlook. Because they love sugary snacks, fruit juice, jelly, and candy are prime targets for ants, but there are also other types of food that you will want to watch. For example, foods that are high in protein can also draw ants to your event. Even though some people try to avoid these foods, you can enjoy your favorite meals without worrying about ants.

Ant Prevention

Keeping a few tips in the front of your mind will work wonders to keep insects from disturbing you and your guests this Memorial Day. You can still bring protein and sugary snacks to your event, but ensure that you clean up any spills as quickly as you can. You can also take a look at the things that ants avoid when you want to stop them from causing trouble. Because ants hate cinnamon, sprinkling some around the parameter of your cookout location will reduce the odds of getting unwelcome guests. Also, it will serve to mask the scent that ants leave behind for others to follow.

Harbor Pest Control

In spite of your best efforts, you won’t always be able to stop an ant invasion. If you don’t want to take chances, contact the team at Harbor Pest Control. When you call us and enlist our services, we will send a trained professional to your location. No matter where you live, we will work hard to prevent ants and other insects from causing problems, and you can put your worries to rest. Our past work speaks for itself, and we are confident that our team will meet your needs.