Foods that Attract Rodents
Brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, captive, by corn sack, August 2009

The Top 5 Foods that Attract Rodents

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is finding wild rodents in their home. But rodents, just like people, have their favorite foods that attract them to their homes. So how do you keep unwanted invaders like rats and mice away from your home? Learn about the top 5 foods that attract rodents to your home.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

The sights and smells of produce are not only appealing to humans, but to rodents as well. Overripe and rotting fruits and vegetables are especially attractive to them. Consume fresh produce quickly and discard any produce that is beyond use quickly in a sealed container.

2. Grains and Seeds

Rodents love baked goods of all kinds. They also take delight in the crunchiness of seeds, including flax, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The quick energy of carbohydrates sends these pests burrowing into cabinets and pantries looking for more. Rodents relish both fresh and old, moldy samples. Take time to thoroughly clean floors, tabletops and counters to make sure no tell-tale crumbs are left behind.

3. Proteins

Rodents balance their love of carbohydrates with an appetite for proteins, including cheeses, peanut butter and a variety of meats. The aroma of cooking meats brings rodents scurrying. They are also just as attracted to the smell of rotting meat and grease. Seal up or freeze meats, cheeses and other proteins to avoid unintentionally inviting these invaders into your home.

4. Snack Foods

Sweet and salty snack foods are fun additions to summer meals and gatherings. Rodents enjoy getting in on the festivities. Bags or cardboard boxes of snacks are just the kinds of challenges rodents readily accept. They love to crawl around in your cabinets and tear into these packages for a savory midnight treat. Protect your snacks in plastic containers that conceal smells from the pests that seek them.

5. Pet Foods

The ingredients found in pet foods are just as appetizing to rodents as they are to your furry family members. It is natural for their smells and serving sizes to interest rodents of all kinds. Just like snack foods, seek ways to store pet food that blocks their smells from escaping and rodents from accessing them. Leave pet foods out only at feeding times.

Enjoy the delicious foods of summer without inviting disease-ridden rodents into your home. Get in touch with Harbor Pest Control to make your home pest-free. Our experts have the training and equipment for safely eradicating rodents from your property. Get a free quote on all of our rodent extermination services by contacting our team today!