Top 5 Winter Pests

Although winters are milder in California than many other parts of the country, the cooler months still bring about changes in the activity of common pests. Insects, being cold-blooded, frequently hibernate during the winter. However, the presence of warm, climate-controlled homes and a steady source of food and water can lead some bugs to venture indoors rather than go into hiding throughout the colder months. Rodents, too, tend to seek out shelter in homes and crawlspaces when the weather turns cold. 

For this reason, you may find your home with more unwanted visitors during the winter than you’d like. Here are a few pests to keep an eye out for: 

1.) Ground Squirrels

This rodent poses more of a threat to your yard and garden than to your home, but it can be a real pest during California winters. The California Ground Squirrel breeds during the winter, and they are very active at this time. They tend to chew and burrow, causing substantial yard damage. They can also carry diseases that could spread to people or pets.

2.) Ants

ant card

Ants are one of the most common pests throughout southern California. They live in large colonies and frequently invade homes during the winter in search of food, water and shelter. Their nest may be built underneath your home or in the yard nearby, with ants traveling into the house daily. Carpenter ants may make their homes in your walls, chewing through wood to create their tunnels.

3.) Rats and Mice

Rodents love the warmth and comfort of a climate-controlled home. Your house is the perfect vacation home for these pests, who may feast on your pantry, chew up your furniture and contaminate your home with their feces and urine. 

4.) Spiders

Spiders of all kinds can usually be found in homes during the winter, but black widows are one of the worst offenders. These spiders are active throughout the cold seasons, and they have a tendency to build their webs near doorways or under stairs. They are highly venomous, so keeping an eye on their population and eradicating them quickly is a good idea. 

5.) Cockroaches

One of the hardiest insects, roaches are found year-round and are not deterred by the cold. Capable of squeezing through narrow spaces and able to eat just about anything, roaches can quickly get out of hand. 

Winter pest control often comes down to limiting access to your home and preventing pests from reaching easy food and water sources. If you need help with perimeter control or with eradicating an established pest problem, don’t hesitate to call Harbor Pest Control today for more information!