How Do Spiders Enter the Home?

While you’re walking through your home, you might see a spider crawling on the wall or across the floor. Spiders often seek the shelter of the inside of your home when they are looking for water or food. There are a few different ways that they can get inside, most that you can block off so that you don’t have the unwanted guests invading your privacy.

Spiders can get inside the home through any small crack that is available. The easiest entry points are windows, doors, and the vents. They can also get in through the spaces around the pipes under the sinks. If you want to keep spiders out of your home, then seal the openings that are noticeable as well as any that you don’t think that spiders can get through. Sometimes, you can let spiders into the home if you don’t get an entry door shut all the way or if you don’t get a window closed all the way. New weather stripping is an option if you want to seal cracks around doors and windows. You can put mesh around the gaps under the sink to keep spiders from getting through these spaces. Air vents are also a way that spiders can get into the home. They can crawl in through the attic or basement and travel along the ventilation system before getting inside the house.

Another way that spiders get into the home is by latching onto your clothing, your body or your shoes. You usually won’t know that there is a spider on you until it’s seen in the home. They can also get inside bags that you take into the home or toys that kids take inside after they play outdoors. Any plants or firewood that you take inside the home can also be a vehicle for spiders. There really isn’t a lot that you can do to keep spiders from finding a way inside the home somehow except to stay on top of keeping cracks sealed and items that are introduced to the home as clean as possible. Harbor Pest Control can use products to eliminate spiders and to keep them deterred if you want to seek professional treatment, so contact us today!