Ant Control in San Diego & Surrounding Areas

Ants can be a major annoyance to homeowners in San Diego if they colonize in or around your home. Ants will invade your home looking for food and water. Not only will they feed on left out food but certain types fo ants, like carpenter ants, will feed on the wooden structure of your home.

San Diego is known for its awesome weather, because of this weather you have to worry about ant infestations year round. Our experts at Harbor Pest Control are highly trained to prevent ants from entering your home.

San Diego Ant Control

We have over 60 years of experience in exterminating ant infestations in the San Diego area. If you are suffering from the an ant infestation, we can help!

We eliminate ant infestations in your home quickly and efficiently, preventing them from coming back, giving you the piece of mind you need to be able to relax in your own home.

First, our experts will perform a pest inspection searching your property for potential entry points to identify the source of the problem. Then our experts will use the top of line ant control techniques and solutions to exterminate the ant infestation.

We make sure ants get out and stay out! If you are looking for a San Diego Ant Exterminator call Harbor Pest today!

How & Why Ants Enter Your Home

Ants are social insects, so when you see one or two crawling on the walls and counters, chances are there are hundreds in the area.

Ants move indoors in search of water and food, often found in the kitchen or near leaky pipes and plumbing. They enter the home through tiny cracks in the floors and walls, improperly sealed windows and vents of any kind.

Landscape materials that overhang the house provide an easy way for ants to get in. Once inside, ants may establish a nest within the walls or any place hospitable for their survival.

If you find a few ants in your home you should get a pest inspection done immediately.

Signs of an Ant Infestation

You may be wondering how do you know if you have an ant infestation? Here is a list of a telltale signs of an ant infestation.

Common signs of an ant infestation:

  • Seeing live ants
  • Ant pathways or trails on your property
  • Nests near your house
  • Hearing carpenter ants in the walls
  • Wood shavings
  • Small holes in wood

Should You Hire a San Diego Ant Exterminator?

What may seem like only a few ants at first can turn into an ant infestation quickly. If you have tried DIY ant control techniques and you still have ants after a few days, you should call a San Diego ant exterminator.

Our San Diego ant control experts are highly trained to eliminate an ant infestation at the source and prevent them from returning. When it comes to an ant infestation it is better safe than sorry, gain the peace of mind of working with a professional.

How to Get Rid of Ants

Ant infestations are not usually cause for alarm, but if left uncontrolled, the annoyance can turn into a major headache that will cost more to manage. At Harbor Pest Control, our technicians will come to your home to examine the extent of the ant infestation.

We will recommend a plan to rid your home of annoying ants and prevent re-infestation. We also offer year-round pest management services covering most of the common household pests. Schedule a pest inspection with one of our experienced technicians. Harbor Pest Control has answers to your pest problems.