Spider Control in La Jolla And Surrounding Areas

Just one look at a spider strikes fear in thousands of people, and many of those people turn to do-it-yourself pest control to eradicate these gangly creatures. Spiders work wonders for naturally controlling pest populations outdoors. However, once the arachnids come indoors, they invade your space and require their own type of pest control to eliminate the infestation.

A Few Facts About Spiders

Not all spiders like the same things. While some spiders prefer moist basements and bathrooms, others enjoy dry attics and corners near the window. Some spiders like to hide in dark spaces and wait for prey to come near. They feed on various insects and even other spiders that get too close.

Spiders sneak into your home in a number of ways, from crawling through cracks in the wall to using an open window or a door. Once they get inside, they find the right spot to spin a web and wait for dinner to arrive. They also use their webbing to build egg sacs. However, a few spider species live in burrows and do not construct webs.

All spiders have venom, but most of them cannot penetrate human skin with their bite. However, some spiders deliver poisonous bites and cause allergic reactions that require medical care. When you encounter a spider in your home, keep your distance until you have determined the species.

Effective Indoor Spider Control

Need help getting rid of an indoor spider infestation? Contact Harbor Pest Control for a free inspection. We have been serving San Diego, Chula Vista, La Jolla, Jamul, and the surrounding areas for over 60 years. We specialize in spider control and rid your home of spiders before they get out of hand. Our certified technicians inspect your home or business and create a personal pest control plan based on your exact needs.