Japanese Beetles

How to Keep Japanese Beetles out of Your Garden

Spring is here and now is the perfect time to tend to your garden. When you grow amazing plants, critters will visit and eat the fruits of your labor. Every now and then, you will get insects that want the overripe fruits of your labor. One such insect is the  Japanese beetle. Here are some easy ways to keep Japanese beetles out of your garden.

Tend Your Garden

Japanese beetles are attracted to overripe fruit and rotting vegetables. If you have a garden, do proper pruning and trimming to your plants. If you remove the dying plants before the beetles get the scent, it will greatly diminish a potential infestation. Plus, your garden will appreciate you more for this.

Use Insecticides

Insecticides work well on not just Japanese beetles but also many other insects and pests in your garden. Spraying insecticides after the infestation will give you desired results but it’s best to spray for preventative measures. Be sure to not overspray. Give adequate time for your plants to grow. Excessive use of insecticides will stunt the growth of your garden. For a more natural insecticide, you can use “neem” which is a natural plant extract. You can mix neem with water and use a spray bottle to spray your plants. This will prevent them from coming around.

Remove Them by Hand

There’s a method that is a little more hands-on than the rest but it works just as well. Fill a bucket with water and apple cider vinegar. Then, as you walk through the garden, scoop the Japanese beetles into the bucket. The acid will kill the beetles but your garden will be safe as long as you do not spill the mixture in the garden bed.

Curate What You Grow

To naturally keep Japanese beetles out of your garden, pick and choose what you grow to either attract or repel them. Some of the plants that naturally attract Japanese beetles are bracken, rose, morning glory and grapevine. By not planting these (or removing them if they grow naturally near you), you will help mitigate an infestation. You can naturally repel them by planting chives, garlic, tansy or catnip in your garden. Planting garlic can be as easy as buying some from the grocery store and tossing a clove in your garden. 

Japanese BeetlesFor more hints and tips, visit the Harbor Pest Control blog page on our website. If you’re in the Harbor Pest Control service area and you need help getting these beetles out of your home, contact us immediately.