Surprising facts about ants

When you see one ant in the home, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see more in line behind him. Most ants that invade homes are small and black. They usually don’t bite, and they are often just looking for water or food. If you kill these ants with your fingers, they usually release a strong odor. This can be an attraction for more ants to come investigate what’s happening to their family member. 

Ants might be small, but they are strong insects. They can often lift about 10 times their body weight. Some ants can lift about 50 times their body weight. The species of the ant plays a factor in the amount they can carry. When you think about breathing, you probably think about the lungs and other parts of the body that work together. Ants don’t have lungs. There isn’t room in an ant’s body for lungs. They have small spiracles on the outside of the body that circulate oxygen. 

If you were to examine an ant, you would see that it doesn’t have any ears. They aren’t deaf though. Ants rely on vibrations to determine where to go in the home and outside. They also rely on vibrations to determine where other ants are moving. If you think that there are a lot of ants on the ground, then you would be correct. There are about 1 million ants for every person in the world. Some islands have been taken over by ants because of the sheer number of them and the lack of people maintaining the island. 

When you see a line of ants in the home, it might seem like they reproduce each day no matter how much you spray or hire an exterminator to kill them. Some species of ants are asexual. They don’t need a partner to reproduce, so they can have dozens of ants at a time. Ants will also act as farmers. They will protect other insects and guide them as to where to go inside the home and outside to find food and to stay safe. Harbor Pest Control can come to the home to help get rid of ants inside the home or outside, coming back in the future to keep them away from your family.