Which Spiders Should Spook You This Halloween Season?

The Halloween season is full of things that look frightening, such as witches and ghosts. However, there are also a few spiders that you need to watch out for in the San Diego area. These spiders might be small in size for the most part, but they look scary and can cause pain and possible damage to the body if you are bitten by one of them.

The Western Black Widow is the most common pest seen in the San Diego area. Even though a widow bite can be painful, it rarely causes death to humans. You can find the spider inside the home as well as outside, but the spider tends to enjoy living under logs and in dark places more than being in a home where there is a lot of activity. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t let a company like Harbor Pest Control treat the exterior and interior of the home for the spider. The female of the species is the one that you want to watch for as she is the one that has the venom. The male might bite, but it’s fairly harmless to people. The female is noted for her shiny black appearance and a red hourglass shape that can be seen on her stomach area. Males are usually brown. You should note that a widow often builds a web that doesn’t seem to have any organization. The spider will typically hang upside down before getting to any insects that land on the web. If the spider feels threatened, it will likely run away from you unless it has eggs nearby.

When you’re walking around outside your home, you want to watch out for the brown recluse. This is a spider that likes to live in dark areas and tends to be a loner. As the name implies, the recluse is brown and has long legs. The Chilean recluse is sometimes seen in California because of the close proximity the state has to South America. You want to be careful when moving logs, items that are stored outside and items that are inside the home that have dark spaces around them as these are ideal locations for the recluse to hide. The spider usually won’t bite unless it’s up against the skin or if it feels threatened.

If you see any kind of spider lurking around your home, contact Harbor Pest Control. a technician from the company can come to treat the exterior and interior to keep spiders away.