Why Ants are Attracted to Your House

Why Ants are Attracted to Your House

Ants are small insects that have their function within nature, but sometimes they appear in your home. You will likely find them in your kitchen or pantry as they search for easy food sources. However, there are other reasons why ants are attracted to your house. 

Why do Ants Appear at Home? 

Ants leave their natural habitat to search for food. They are not picky eaters and will go after pretty much anything you have lying around the house, even crumbs or spilled liquids. 

The first sign of an infestation will typically be scout ants. Scouts search your home for food and shelter and return to the anthill to tell the others. The next thing you know, you have a whole colony in your kitchen. 

As they are capable of traveling long distances, when they find food, they return to the anthill leaving a trail of pheromones. This trail allows a long line of perfectly organized worker ants to go to the exact location of the food and return loaded, almost on their own steps, to the place from which they came. 

If ants find a space in your home to find food with relative ease, they may end up making a nest inside your own house which causes a variety of problems.  

How do I Prevent Ants?

Since ants enter your home in search of food and shelter, cutting off their food supply and possible entry points are key in keeping your home ant-free. 

Discard food scraps and trash on a regular basis to keep pests away. Ensure all dry goods in your pantry are sealed in airtight containers. Vacuum your floors to stop the buildup of crumbs and other debris. If you have pets, clean their food bowls regularly. 

The bottom line is to keep your home as clean as possible to avoid any insect infestation. 

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