Why Do Termites Eat Wood?

You would be right to say that termites have an advantage over most of the species in the insect world. They don’t have to risk their lives by foraging for food. These critters eat wood and live in it.

Wood Provides the Necessary Nourishment

Termites consider wood to be a delicacy. Whether it’s dry, damp or rotted, these critters won’t hesitate to chew through a wooden structure to satisfy their appetite. Unlike humans and most insects, termites have a gut that’s filled with protozoa. Protozoa are the organisms that give termites their wood-eating ability. They produce the right enzymes to facilitate the digestion process. As soon as the termites extract the cellulose that’s inside the wood, these enzymes activate and convert the cellulose into sugars.

Wood is Habitable and Accessible

It’s true that termites eat wood to survive, but they also eat it to create their galleries. They use their strong mandible to chew through each layer of wood. As more eggs hatch, the worker termites burrow deeper into the wooden structure to expand their galleries. This process takes place in a covert manner, so the resulting damage can be more substantial than you may think.

Furthermore, worker termites don’t have a favorite type of wood. They are on a mission to serve the needs of their colony. That’s why you should invest in long-term termite control solutions. To these critters, all your wooden structures are worth infesting, so you won’t deter them one bit with over-the-counter pesticide. What you need is a customized treatment plan. Thankfully, Harbor Pest Control is at your service.

Termites Don’t Just Love Wood

These critters have plenty of options at their disposal. Just think about all the things that contain cellulose. The list includes paper, bark, plants and cardboard.

When wood gets wet, it’s only a matter of time before termites rear their ugly heads. These critters rely on moisture to help soften the wood or whatever they are eating. The drywood termites, however, don’t need moisture as much as the other species. Ergo, if they find a way into your home or office, you can look forward to incurring a long list of costly repairs. As their name implies, drywood termites can feast on dry and damp structures. Protect your property and your belongings by hiring a professional pest exterminator who’s trained to eliminate these critters once and for all.

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