Bonita, CA Professional Pest Control

Beautiful Bonita, California – what a sunny place in which to work, live and play in the Golden State. Life here in Bonita is filled with days on the beach, afternoons in the shops and nights out on the town with friends and family. Everything would seem picture perfect if not for the stubborn pests that ruin your time at home. Whether it’s ants, termites or bed bugs aggravating you, Harbor Pest Control has a quick and effective remedy.


Ants thrive in cities across the country, but the climate here in Bonita keeps them active for most of the year. So many species make their homes in the San Diego area, such as carpenter, Pharaoh, and Argentine ants. Some ants look to invade your home for food and water while others prefer to bore holes in your wood decks. No matter the species, it’s hard to contain an ant infestation once it’s grown too large.

Because ants produce pheromone trails as they search around, there’s always more ants that will show up later. Our pest control professionals use curative and preventative treatments to knock out current infestations while keeping future ones from happening.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are fine and dandy when they’re out in the woods where they belong. However, it’s another story altogether once they invade your living areas. These tiny, reddish brown bugs like to hide in crevices out of sight and emerge when the sun goes down. They feed on blood and usually attack areas around a person’s stomach, arms and legs.

People with sensitivities may develop a rash after they’re bitten, but others won’t develop more than a small bump. Though these bugs don’t transmit diseases, they breed quickly and are difficult to control with conventional treatments. Our trained technicians have the experience and solutions for eliminating bed bugs and helping to keep your home free and clear of infestations.


Homes and businesses in Bonita and across the San Diego metropolitan area are under attack from termites. These antlike pests build huge colonies and feed on large amounts of wood. When they’re out in nature, they help to break down logs and old, decaying trees. However, when termites are in your home, they’re causing thousands of dollars in repairs and destroying the structure from the inside out.

Termites get into the smallest cracks and build their colonies deep within a building. You may not notice an infestation until it’s too late. Our experienced technicians can inspect your home for termites and termite-related damage, eliminate the infestation and use preventative treatments to stop another occurrence.

Affordable Pest Control

Contact Harbor Pest Control in Bonita for a free quote and to learn more about our quick, effective services. We’ll treat your home or business for ants, termites, and bed bugs and help to prevent other infestations in the future.