Chula Vista, CA Pest Control

Residents of Chula Vista love the city because it is one of the best residential areas in the San Diego metropolitan area. Since it borders the Pacific Ocean, the city is full of beautiful landscapes and plenty of amenities. Also, the temperature is nearly perfect all year. The ideal climate and vegetation make it a prime location for pests. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to know a reliable Chula Vista pest control company!

Chula Vista Pest Control

You never plan to have a pest infestation, they just happen. While you can’t predict when a pest infestation is going to happen, you can have a plan to protect your home ahead of time. Homeowners should know a pest control company near them that will be able to eliminate pest infestations early, preventing damage and further infestation.

If you don’t know Chula Vista pest control company yet, Harbor Pest Control can help! We offer pest control services to all of San Diego county and surrounding areas, eliminating all types of infestations.

Pests We Service:

Ant Control

There are several types of ants in Southern California. Two of the most problematic types are carpenter ants and fire ants. Carpenter ants can destroy wood by chewing it. They create their colonies in wood. These ants usually pick wet exposed eaves or damp wood. Fire ants will sting and can be aggressive.

Some people have severe allergic reactions to their painful stings. Other types of common ants such as black ants and odorous house ants can contaminate your food supply. They also spread bacteria across your home. We employ the latest methods for removing ant colonies and preventing future problems.

Termite Extermination

Both drywood and damp wood termites are destructive. Subterranean termites are some of the most costly pests since they are aggressive and multiply quickly. You may notice gnawed wood, piles of wings or dirt tube-like formations along your home’s foundation if you have termites. Drywood termites usually eat paper and dry wood in the home. Damp wood termites will eat wood in the home such as damp beams behind walls.

They will also chew wood in garages and on trees. Many people try to kill visible termites and wind up sending the infestation to a harder-to-reach location in the home where it only worsens. We offer quick infestation removal and effective preventative treatments.

Bed Bug Control: How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

You may find these tiny pests on mattresses or furniture. They also hide in carpeting. Bed bugs feed on human blood. Since they are flat, elusive and can live more than a month without blood, they are hard to eradicate. Bed bugs also multiply quickly and spread easily. You may unknowingly spread them or pick them up at work, in hotels, from a friend’s home or from a school.

A distinct odor in one area, translucent exoskeletons and reddish dirt-like excrement are all signs of bed bugs. You may not notice these at all since they are hard to detect. However, bed bug bites are distinguishable as red bumps that often appear in a straight row. We use multiple methods to remove these pests and keep them out of your life in the future.

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If you notice any of these pests or another type of pest such as mosquitoes, mice or cockroaches, we can help. Harbor Pest Control has been a trusted name for reliable and fast service since 1948. Our licensed technicians will quickly inspect your home and provide a custom treatment plan. We also offer homeowners and business owners peace of mind with three affordable tiers of preventative plans.

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