El Cajon, CA Pest Control

People love living in the San Diego area because of the near-perfect climate. Residents of nearby El Cajon also enjoy the tranquility of their city. In addition to the climate, pests like the food supplied by the city’s residents. If you live in El Cajon, you may need one or more of these services.

How to get Rid of Ants

There are many species of ants in the area. However, the most problematic ants in the area are Argentine ants. These pests were introduced into the area from South America. While they do not pose health risks to you, they will destroy any other type of ant in your yard including the ants that normally eat harmful insects. When harmful insects take over your yard, your garden and plants will suffer.

Carpenter ants are also common. Although they do not eat wood, they chew large cavities in it to create their colonies. They destroy entire trees, wood in garages and even the eaves on your home. These pests will eat anything from garbage to aphids. Fire ants will aggressively sting if you approach them. Their stings are painful and may cause a severe allergic reaction. Other types of small black ants can get into your home easily, build large colonies and invade your food supply. With preventive treatments you can keep Ants out of your home.

Termite Control

Since there are several types of termites that have different wood preferences, no tree, plank or wood byproduct is safe in SoCal. Drywood termites eat anything from beams in your home to family photos and wallpaper. Dampwood termites prefer rotting trees and stumps. Subterranean termites are not as picky, and their colonies grow rapidly. Termites can cost you thousands in complex damages in a short amount of time.

It is important for all homeowners to have regular termite inspections. An inspection will identify risks that could lead to an infestation, and preventative treatments can keep these costly pests away. Signs of termites on your property include shed wings from swarmers, gnawed wood and mud tubes along the foundation. If you suspect a termite problem, call for immediate help.

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs can enter your home easier than most other pests. They travel on clothes and bags. You can unknowingly pick them up at the gym, at school, in a hotel, at a friend’s home or from other places. These bloodthirsty bugs usually bite you while you sleep. They live in mattresses, furniture, and carpeting. You may not know you have a major problem until you see strange bites that appear in a straight row. Bedbugs may also leave behind exoskeletons, reddish-brown excrement or a musky smell. Keeping bed bugs out of your home is important since they are resilient.

El Cajon Pest Control

For prompt removal of these pests or any others, call Harbor Pest Control. We have been a trusted name for six decades. We also offer preventative treatments to keep costly infestations out of your home.