Healthcare Facility Pest Control

Healthcare facilities require specialized pest control in order to effectively eliminate pests, while keeping patients and staff safe. The commercial pest services at Harbor Pest can do just that. We have been in the business of pest control for over 60 years and our friendly and knowledgeable technicians are highly trained and licensed in the state of California. Our commitment to personalized service makes sure that all treatments are based on your issues and facility.

Bed Bug Control for Healthcare Facilities

With the number of people in and out of a healthcare facility, the presence of a bed bug infestation isn’t surprising. These little bloodsuckers can hitchhike into your facility in multiple ways. They have been known to enter places while hiding in clothing, suitcases, electronics, used furniture, and more.

Once discovered, it is imperative to take immediate professional action, not only to eliminate the infestation at your facility, but to also prevent bed bugs from going home with patients and staff. Harbor Pest Control has commercial bed bug extermination treatments that will quickly and effectively eradicate even the most extensive infestations.

When you partner with us to for bed bug removal, our licensed technicians will:

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation of your facility using advanced bed bug detection tools to determine where they’re hiding.
  • Develop a customized treatment plan based on what we find.
  • Use safe, but effective chemicals and technologies to get rid of bed bugs.

Offer recurring treatment options to prevent future infestations.

Roach Control

Roaches like the same type of living conditions that people do, which is why they often come inside for shelter. They crawl everywhere they go, quickly spreading bacteria and disease from contaminated surfaces. Therefore, a roach infestation can cause problems that jeopardize cleanliness protocols within a healthcare facility.

Because they tend to hide in tiny, out of the way cracks and crevices, professional exterminators are your best bet at killing cockroaches effectively. Harbor Pest Control will efficiently and safely eliminate roaches from your facility and make sure they don’t return.

Ant Control

The majority of ants only enter human structures in search of food and water and cause minimal damage. One expectation is carpenter ants, which will feed on the wooden structures in your facility. Because of how quickly the situation can escalate, it’s best to contact a professional ant exterminator, such as those at Harbor Pest Control.

As part of our ant control service, our ant experts will:

  • Evaluate the extent of your ant infestation.
  • Recommend an extermination plan tailored to your situation.
  • Eliminate ant infestations at their source
  • Offer options to prevent them from returning.

Whatever your commercial pest control needs are, the experts at Harbor Pest Control have your back. We are able to remedy single-treatment situations, as well as provide preventative pest control. Contact us today for a personalized free quote.

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