La Mesa, CA Pest Control

The Insect Identification Database recognizes more than 300 bugs known to originate from California. When wet winters turn into hot summers in southern California, those bugs naturally reproduce in record numbers. That’s why Harbor Pest Control is always ready to safely drive those bugs and other pests from your home or business. We can even teach you how to stop future infestations.

Spider Control

The most common spiders seen in the San Diego area range from harmless intruders like daddy longlegs and jumping spiders to dangerous pests like the brown recluse and perhaps a black widow or two during the warmest months of the year.

Jumping spiders are easy to identify because they jump around rather than crawling. Daddy longlegs spiders have long, thin legs that easily break off when you try to catch them. Brown recluse spiders have six eyes, and you may notice a violin-shaped marking along the top of the head and body. A brown recluse bite is potentially deadly.

You may also see domestic house spiders, southern house spiders or yellow sac spiders in or around your home and business. While they may only bite when threatened, you want to eliminate them for the health and safety of your family or the reputation of your business.

Wasp Control

The first sign of a wasp infestation is often the presence of a hive. You may also notice wasps flying around a particular area of your home or business. While honeybees can sting only once, wasps can sting multiple times. They inject a small amount of venom that can cause an allergic reaction within 10 minutes of the sting.

Most wasps are black and yellow with small waistlines and two sets of wings. Some species are more of a metallic color rather than solid black. They can have a blue or green tint.

Rodent Control

The rodent family includes mice and rats as well as outdoor pests like raccoons and possums. Your first sign of a rat or mice infestation is often small brown droppings. You may also notice the smell of urine or come across their nesting area accidentally. Prolonged infestation is a health risk for every member of your family or employees and customers frequenting your place of business.

Raccoons and possums are often attracted to bowls of pet food left out on porches. You may also see them in trees near your living space or in your garden. They also may live under your house, possibly bringing fleas into your living space.

Are you concerned about pests in your home or business? Contact Harbor Pest Control for fast, friendly service in the Greater San Diego area. After serving this region for more than 60 years, we know how to control and eliminate pests found throughout southern California. In addition to assessing your property and eliminating any current infestations, we can help you prevent future pest invasions.