Pest Control in Lakeside, CA

Lakeside has so many sunny days per year that you’d think you were living in paradise. However, not everything is bright and cheery in this quaint Southern California town. When ants, termites, and bed bugs infiltrate your home, it can cause a lot of aggravation and money treating the problem yourself. Harbor Pest Control has the experience and the knowledge to knock out infestations, giving you time to enjoy the finer things in The Golden State.

Ants in House

Seeing one ant in your home should cause concern. These tiny insects produce pheromone trails as they search for food and water. Other ants in the colony detect the trail and follow it to your home, leading to a nasty infestation. Once they’re inside, ants will invade cabinets, pantries, trash bins and other areas in hopes of bringing food back to the colony.

Whether it’s carpenter ants damaging your wood siding or odorous house ants around your stove, it’s important to take quick action before an infestation gets out of control. Our experienced technicians know how to identify the ant species and to use the appropriate treatment to eliminate an Ant infestation.

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are like lice: You don’t want them in your home or on you at any time. They feed on blood and leave small, red welts at the bite area. These pests get inside by crawling onto book bags, luggage, clothing and other items, such as an old couch that you purchased from a yard sale. If they get inside, it won’t take long for them to multiply and to spread throughout homes, schools, hotels and more.

Our professional pest control technicians stay up to date on the latest methods for controlling and eliminating bed bugs. We use effective treatments to kill bed bugs in the first visit while informing you of ways to prevent bringing them into your home again.


A termite infestation, especially one that has had time to expand within a structure, is a serious problem for any homeowner. Termites eat wood and consume enough of it to cause structures to collapse over time. These insects don’t just attack buildings; they also eat furniture, flooring, decks, fence posts and other wooden objects. Because colonies grow quickly, it’s important to locate and to eliminate an infestation before it causes serious damage.

We can inspect your home for termite damage and locate the colony inside. We’ll treat the infestation on the spot using fast, effective methods. We can also seal up entryways and use pretreatments as a way to stop another infestation months down the road.

Dependable Lakeside Pest Control

Contact Harbor Pest Control in Lakeside to receive your free quote and to schedule an inspection. Our pest control professionals will treat your property in a timely manner and eliminate the pests at the source. We’ll stomp out infestations no matter the size and prevent reinfestations long into the future.