10 Pests to Watch Out for in San Diego

Beaches, Balboa Park musicians, tacos and plenty of alcohol. These are things you can enjoy all over San Diego, California. Unfortunately, pests also like to enjoy everything San Diego has to offer, including you. So if you’re living it up in San Diego, watch out.

Common Bloodsucker Pests in San Diego

Good night, sleep tight and don’t let these bloodsuckers bite. San Diego is home to common bloodsuckers, like fleas, ticks and lice. With them, are bed bugs and mosquitos. Infestations of bed bugs are increasing and can require months of continuous treatment.

From dawn to dusk, Culex mosquitoes are constantly searching for a host to bite and can be transmitters of West Nile and other viruses that can make someone really sick. Additionally, the Aedes, or “Yellow Fever” mosquitoes can transmit other diseases between people they bite.

Pests that Hide in Your Walls or Kitchen

Sharing is caring with these little pests, from food to the walls. The Argentine ant colonies hide in nests and can squeeze into tiny spaces, chew through electrical wiring, and can overtake small animals; termites can take down large structures and can hide in your house for years undetected.

Just like ticks and fleas, rodents carry numerous diseases like salmonella, tapeworms and ringworms. They multiply quickly and can start reproducing at the young age of one month. It’s best to catch them early, and if you see droppings and nests, you should take quick action to exterminate.

Common and Scary San Diego Pests

Honey bees are a nice alternative to the other flying bullies in California, but wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets aren’t afraid to sting you if they feel threatened. Same goes for scorpions, whose sting is similar to a bee sting. Although these are scarier pests, these nighttime predators eat other insects, rodents, or spiders that are pestering you.

One pest problem that does require immediate medical attention is a spider bite. Have you heard of the black widow? Not only are they around, but so is the brown widow and tarantulas. Both poisonous widows like to be where the people are, in backyards, outdoor furniture, or playgrounds. Avoid reaching in any dark areas for these scary pests.

All of these pests are avoidable, some easier than others. It is always reassuring to know that if the problem gets too bad, there are professionals willing to help. If you are having any infestation issues, you can contact Harbor Pest Control for your free estimate of various services in your area.