How to Prepare for a Fumigation

Harbor Pest Control, serving the San Diego area since 1948, knows that when it comes to pest control, there are few words that homeowners dread more than ‘fumigation.’ We understand. It seems like it’s a massive undertaking, and homeowners are understandably upset and overwhelmed when it’s mentioned.

The good news is, fumigation doesn’t have to be a painful undertaking. It’s easy to ready your home for fumigation, and you’ll be able to spend a day out with your family while our trained, professional staff ensures that your property is pest-free when you return.

If you’ve been curious about how to prepare your home for fumigation, read on. With just a few steps, you’ll be ready to go. We treat not only termites but a wide variety of the pests that like to share our beautiful city with us, including bed bugs.

Getting Ready for Fumigation Services

It’s important to realize that when your home is fumigated, it’s exposed to pesticides on every surface. The goal of the service is to push the pesticides into the cracks, crevices and otherwise unreachable areas where pests like to hide.

After a successful fumigation treatment, your home will be pest free. You, the homeowner, will likely have concerns about how to protect your personal items during the service. We hope the following guide will answer all of your questions:

  • Arrange for another place to stay. It’s true. This part of fumigation is unavoidable. That doesn’t mean it has to be unpleasant. This might be your perfect chance to book a weekend in the country. One of our technicians can tell you exactly how long the fumigation process will take, so you can start making your plans.
  • Open all doors from room to room before you leave. This will ensure that the treatment can reach every area of your house.
  • Remove or seal all open food items, medicines, pet food, toothbrushes and hygiene products. Fumigation bags are available to help protect your consumables.
  • Take the sheets, pillows and comforters from all beds. Some customers feel more comfortable removing these items, and some customers’ double-bag their linens and closet contents with fumigation-proof bags.
  • Remove any plastic covers from mattresses and furniture.
  • Turn off all gas supply sources in the home.
  • Remove all pets, plants and fish.
  • Ensure that your external garden hose is available, if applicable, to wet the soil surrounding your foundation and ensure fumigation is successful.
  • Ensure gravel or mulch is pulled six to 12 inches away from your foundation.
  • Leave your keys with our technicians, and enjoy a mini-vacation while we do all the work for you.

Aeration Process

The actual fumigation of your home is complete in less than a day, and the remainder of the time is to allow your home to aerate and purge itself of leftover pesticides.

Your process upon returning home depends on the chemicals used during the treatment processes. Some pesticides leave no residue at all, while some would require all surfaces to be cleaned. You can hire a professional cleaning company to complete this task for you.

Once you see how easy it is, don’t hesitate to contact Harbor Pest Control for your fumigation needs.