Best Ways to Kill off Rodents

Rodents may be small, but their annoyingness knows no limits. Rodents can seek out any crack or crevice in your living space and find a way through it. Even if there is no obvious way in, rodents will sure make an entrance on their own. It can be beyond frustrating to deal with one rodent, let alone an infestation. To help, we’ve developed some simple remedies that can repel these creatures. We want you to feel comfortable in your home and not have to worry about mice and rats running about.

Seal Your Food

Before worrying about traps or anything like that, there’s even easier steps to help stop an infestation. One of those is simply storing your food and sealing it properly. Food crumbs and residue are a big attraction to rodents, so cutting off access to it is a great first step.

Patch Holes

As we mentioned, rodents love slipping through any opening they can find. Go around the house thoroughly and search for any signs of foundation damage, or really, any sort of unintended opening at all. Sealing it off with simple patching materials will do. Also, steel wool can be used in openings. The rodents are unable to chew through steel wool.

Instant Potatoes

Instant potatoes expand once the rodent eats it. The expansion is too much for their stomachs and eventually kills them. Placing bits around the house can be an effective way to kill one or two annoying rodents you see lurking around.

Peppermint Oil

While many humans love the aroma of peppermint, rodents despise it. While not the best solution in terms of the long-term, this method is a simple home remedy that can deter the critters until a more permanent solution is determined.

Man-Made Trap

There are several homemade traps you can try as well. A box with a sliding cover would work, you just have to be patient and wait by the trap. A more extravagant method involves running a ramp up a five-gallon bucket and poking an entrance hole. A can is suspended in the middle with food on the far end from the ramp. The rodent simply runs up the ramp, steps on the can to get the food, and slips off into the bottom as the can spins. Any variation of these would work as well!

Still Having Issues?

Tried everything possible and still can’t seem to find a solution for your rodents? Contact Harbor Pest Control today for a free quote and make that first step towards ridding yourself of rodents!