Fumigation Services: How to Know When You Should Fumigate

There are hundreds of pest control methods you have at your disposal, from pesticides to rodent traps, but sometimes infestations get so bad that the only option you’re left with is a full fumigation service for your house. However, fumigation is a tedious project and involves large amounts of chemicals, so it should be used only as a last resort. How can you tell when the time for fumigation is right? Here are some ways to tell if you need to fumigate.

What is Fumigation?

First, what is fumigation? Fumigation, as opposed to other forms of extermination, is essentially waging total war on pest. You will have to move yourself and everyone else living with you who you want to survive out of your house while professionals cover it with a tent. Then, heavy chemicals in the form of vapor are pumped into your house while the tent keeps them inside. The chemicals are trapped inside for one to three days to make sure they work effectively before being removed. Finally, the tent is taken down and the house is thoroughly inspected for any still living pests. And that’s it; you can move back in.

When is Fumigation necessary?

Generally speaking, it’s rare that your house will require fumigation. Usually if you have a pest infestation, it can be taken care of with store-bought pesticides. However, certain pests such as drywood termites which burrow deep inside your homes wood are incredibly difficult to remove without the use of extreme measures. Other wood burrowing pests such as carpenter ants or powderpost beetles may also make fumigation a recommended course of action. If you think you may need fumigation services, contact a professional for an inspection to find out for certain.

How to Fumigate Safely

If you do need fumigation services, there are some details you should remember to remain safe. First, do not try to fumigate your house by yourself, hire experts with the right equipment and training to do so. Also, the chemicals that will be used are extremely dangerous, so make sure that all of your family members, pets and plants are removed from the premises. Lastly, any open food left out will be contaminated by the chemicals, so seal them airtight, take them with you, or throw them out.

Fumigation services are a big ordeal, but there are occasions that warrant its use. Fortunately, if you do need fumigation, it’s a minor inconvenience compared to the good it can do for your house. For more information, or to receive quality pest control services, give Harbor a call today.