Harbor Pest Control Programs

At Harbor Pest Control, we offer levels of protection for you and your home or place of business that best suits your needs. Overall, we’re a pest and termite extermination company who have served the San Diego area for over 60 years at this point.

We’re a family owned and operated company, so when you give us a call, you won’t be redirected to a random call center. You’ll be speaking to someone who works directly with us. Here are the levels of pest control that we offer.

Platinum Protection

This level of protection is the most comprehensive program that we offer. This is the program for homeowners that want to be assured that they will be protected from all insects and rodents in their living space. This includes wasps, rats, ants, mice, silverfish, cockroaches, spiders, bees and yellowjackets.

Gold Prevention

This level is the most popular service that we offer. This level offers a periodic 90 day check up of your living space in order to inspect the area. You begin with a full clean out of your house to start with and then after 90 days an inspector will continually follow up in order to make sure that the job was done well. This level takes care of all California bugs that may be lurking in your home.

Silver Treatment

This level is an effective yet one time on the spot treatment for your home. This level is best suited for homeowners who have pests that have invaded your home in unlikely circumstances and there are no environmental circumstances in which a re-invasion would occur.

Also, this is for instances in which the homeowner just wants a little bit of help with an initial extermination of the bugs and then would assume responsibility of keeping their house clear.

Harbor Pest control also offers termite fumigation or termite spot treatment as well. We offer an annual inspection for termites after you have worked with us for either a fumigation or spot treatment.

If you contact us today, you can receive a completely free, no obligation inspection and in person estimate from one of our professionals to determine which level and which services work best for you and your home.