Common Places Ants Can Be Found in Your Home

Ants often seek shelter inside homes when it’s hot outside or they need to find a water source. Many are seen inside cabinets, especially if there are packages of food open. However, there are a few other common places that you might see ants, some that are surprising. Harbor Pest Control can come to your home to use products that kill or deter ants from taking up residence in your house and that are safe for the people and pets inside.

You will usually see ants anywhere there is a water source. This includes near kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as near the shower or tub. When it’s dry outside and very little water for ants to consume, they often make their way inside structures to stay hydrated and to find food. The kitchen is quite possibly the most popular location for ants in the home. It’s full of food and water as well as hiding places so that they aren’t easily seen. Keep foods in sealed containers so that ants can’t pick up on the smells given off by them. Ants also like fruit that is overripe, so keep these items off of counters. Make sure water doesn’t build in the sinks in the kitchen or under the sink. Seal off entrances with mesh material to keep ants from getting into the cabinets.

The bathroom is another favorite place for ants to visit. It’s a location better suited for carpenter ants instead of pinch ants because of the amount of water that is in the room. Use disinfectant when cleaning the floors, counters, and tub in the bathroom to deter ants from crawling around. Sometimes, carpenter ants will build a nest under the tub or under the bathroom sink if there’s a buildup of water. Make sure shampoo and conditioner bottles are secure as well as other containers that have liquids inside because ants are sometimes attracted to the scents and the water content. Ants can also get inside the walls of your home as well as heating and air conditioning units. If you notice an infestation, it’s best to try to get it under control as soon as possible, using the assistance of a professional if needed.

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