What Kinds of Pest Problems Require Fumigation?

When many people think of pest control, the image of a tented house being prepared for fumigation often springs to mind. Fumigation is indeed an effective measure in many cases, but it’s not a cure-all–and it is actually used a lot less frequently than you probably think. In fact, because the gases that are used are harmful to humans and pets, fumigation is something that should only be used under specific circumstances. Keep reading to learn more.

Pests That are Commonly Treated with Fumigation

By far, the pest that is most commonly treated using fumigation is the drywall termite. Unlike many pests, which can be lured out with bait and other tricks, termites tend to remain stubbornly hidden. Notoriously elusive, they will continue to wreak havoc, subsisting off of organic matter like drywall, cloth and flooring, until drastic measures are taken. Fumigation is also commonly used to eradicate powderpost beetles, which also hide deeply within a home’s infrastructure, and it is occasionally used to control bed bugs.

When Does Fumigation Make Sense?

Given the many drawbacks of tent fumigation, which include losing the use of your home for a day or two and having to pack many things away for safekeeping in the meantime, it makes sense that most people would rather avoid it. However, in some situations, fumigation is the only truly effective measure. A few situations in which fumigation might be a viable solution include:

  • When Food Sources are Compromised – In commercial and industrial settings, fumigation is suitable and safe for situations in which food sources have been contaminated by pests. Special chemicals that don’t harm food can be used.
  • When Pests are Inaccessible – Eradicating a pest that you can see is one thing; eradicating one that scurries deep within the bowels of the house is another. Termites, certain beetles and other pests are notorious for burrowing deep within walls and elsewhere in homes where traps and tools can’t reach them. Gas can, though, and this is why fumigation is used under such circumstances.
  • When One-Time Eradication is Needed – Finally, fumigation might also make sense if you are just looking for a quick, effective fix for an infestation. Fumigation does nothing for the long term, so additional steps will be needed if you would like to keep the problem from occurring again in the future.

Just because you have noticed pests in your home doesn’t mean that fumigation is inevitable. In fact, experienced pest control companies like Harbor Pest Control have many options at their disposal, and we can identify the best plan of attack depending on the nature of the problem. Contact Harbor Pest Control today to get a free quote.