How to Fool Roaches into Your Trap

Roaches. You’re probably shuddering already at the mere mention of the term. Like many of us, it’s likely that you’ve had to bust out a can of spray or set a trap during the warmer months when roaches run rampant. Although sprays can be effective at keeping roaches at bay, the fumes are aggravating and the spray quickly dissipates and loses effectiveness, especially if you’re treating outdoor areas. Plus, it’s difficult to know exactly when/where to spray unless you’re directly nuking the critter(s). For these reasons, it’s safer and more effective to use traps, instead, and you’ll want to set them at prime locations to stop roaches dead in their tracks. Here are some quick tips to increase the effectiveness of your traps:

Know Your Enemy’s Likes and Dislikes: Obviously enough, roaches require food and water to survive, so they’re going to be attracted to moist areas where these resources are abundant. Therefore, your kitchen and bathroom(s) are two “hot spots” where you’ll want to place your traps in relatively inconspicuous locations. Roaches are wild about water, so be sure to place traps around and under your bathroom/kitchen sinks and close to your bathtubs.

Learn Roach Activity Patterns: These eerie “creatures of the night” work and thrive in darkness, so remember to set traps in low-trafficked areas in and around your home. Kitchen cabinets and pantries offer such dark, inviting hiding spots where the smell of food is strong. Keep your traps at a safe distance from dishes, cookware, and utensils stored in these areas.

Once your traps are set and placed in appropriate locations, remember to keep your lights off at night to encourage plenty of scavenging from these cantankerous critters. With some careful planning and ingenuity, hopefully your pest problems will be solved in a matter of weeks.

Don’t Feel That You Have to Do This Alone: Often, it can prove a real challenge to manage a roach infestation on your own, regardless of the ambitious nature of your pest-management plans. For cases such as these, we at Harbor Pest Control are happy to help our neighbors in the San Diego, CA area. Please call us today and/or visit our website to learn more about the programs and services we offer. We look forward to hearing from you soon.