Pest-Free Tips For Apartment Living

Living in an apartment is a great option for a lot of people. A significant perk is that the landlord or property manager will handle most of the maintenance. Your apartment probably has a plan in place to prevent and deal with pests. However, you can do your part to reduce the risk of infestation by following these pest-free tips for apartment living.

Clean Up

Pests are always on the search for food and/or a new home of their own. Cleaning your apartment will remove any possible food sources and make the area less welcoming to pests. If you are just moving in go ahead and clean the entire apartment before bringing your stuff in if possible. It’s likely the landlord or property manager probably had the apartment cleaned, but still go ahead and do your own cleaning.

Continue to keep your apartment clean while you are living there. Store food in sealed containers. This goes for pet food, too. Clean dirty dishes and remove trash daily. Keeping your apartment clean will help to keep pests out of your home.

Eliminate Clutter

Pests will seek out areas where they can live undisturbed. Get rid of any clutter, like magazines and newspapers, as well as any other items you no longer use or need. Removing clutter will make your home inhospitable to pests and even help to make your apartment look neater and organized.

Look Around

Routinely check the structure of your apartment for cracks, holes and leaks. Any cracks or holes big enough for you to notice, are definitely big enough for pests to enter through. Leaks in ceilings and walls caused by the elements or even a damaged pipe, can lead to a variety of problems, one of which is attracting pests. Pests need a source of water to survive, but ants in particular prefer to live in water-damaged wood. Alert management to any damage or leaks you find.

Reach Out

Living pest-free in an apartment can be a challenge depending on how vigilant your neighbors and management are to keeping the entire complex clean and well maintained. However, it is possible to keep pests out of your apartment by following these simple tips. If you do have problems with pests and infestation the best thing to do is work with a trusted exterminator. Contact Harbor Pest Control today to learn more and put an end to pests in your apartment.