Reasons You Should Not do Your own Pest Control

Reasons You Should NOT Do Your Own Pest Control

Confidence in your approach to pest control is crucial. Understanding the effectiveness of any extermination or preventative measure is difficult when it becomes a DIY project. In fact, pest infestations carry several far-reaching consequences, from both the infestation and your pest control methods. True confidence only comes with help from professionals. Here are some of the reasons you should not do your pest control and leave it to experts.

Health and Safety Concerns

Traps can only go so far in managing pest numbers, and chemical treatments are often necessary to eradicate infestations. Most chemical applications need to be particularly potent to efficiently kill pests. Unfortunately, they can be extremely toxic to humans. Additionally, harsh pesticides can expose your family to health issues particularly for young children and the elderly. From their use to their disposal, delicate, intentional care must be taken with pest control chemicals. Licensed professionals have the most knowledge and experience to use them effectively and safely.

Poor Pest-Removal Equipment Quality

The best people to handle a situation usually have the best equipment. This is one of the key benefits of proper pest control licensing and certification in California. Technicians use more powerful chemicals and specialized equipment that is otherwise unavailable to the public. Depending on the type and degree of the infestation, they may have the only tools capable of complete pest removal.

Ineffective Identification and Removal Methods

There are numerous varieties of pests that can find their way into your home. Many of which requires a nuanced approach to their safe removal. Pest projects are unique. That’s why treating every infestation generally with a similar approach limits effectiveness and causes undue harm from dangerous insects. 

Infestations need removal from the roots. It can be hard to identify the type and number of colonies. If not taken out properly, you’ll be stuck in a perpetual loop of trap-setting, wasting time and money. Inappropriate removal methods can make matters worse by agitating the nest and scattering the infestation throughout the home.

It can be costly, time-consuming, and dangerous to manage your pest control. Certainty in your situation and the quality of pest control is invaluable. We believe that you have a right to safety and comfort in your home. Our team of experts has been providing comfort in San Diego and the surrounding areas for over 70 years. If you are dealing with a pest infestation or would like more information, please contact Harbor Pest Control today.