When Should You Request a Pest Inspection for a New Home

When Should You Request a Pest Inspection for a New Home

Moving into a new home is a huge step in a person’s life. Many responsibilities come with owning a house like keeping up with maintenance and repairs. While many new homes do not necessarily need repairs, they do require maintenance checks, like a pest inspection. This guide will help you know when you should request a pest inspection for a new home.

The Seller Does Not Provide Pest Inspection

Many sellers provide buyers with a pest inspection before they purchase the home. However, in some cases, the seller skips a pest check. If the seller does not provide that, you need to hire a licensed pest control specialist to come to check out the home before you move in.

You never want to move into a house infested with unwanted guests. Moving in is hard enough, and you do not want to stop the process by having to evacuate your home for a few days to get your house fumigated. 

The Seller’s Pest Inspection is Incorrect

Some sellers will provide you with a pest inspection, but you must double-check the home before moving in. Depending on who they hired and when they came, pests can still enter your home. Open cabinets, check for cracks or holes around the home and look for exterior issues to target pest problems. Take note of any issues you see, and if your home has quite a few structure problems, then contact a pest control specialist right away. 

You Notice Signs of Pests 

Before moving into your new home, walk inside and outside the property to check for signs of pests. These tiny creatures can squeeze into the smallest holes and cracks. If you notice shredded papers, rodent or insect droppings, dead insects, foul smells and hatched insect eggs, you have a pest problem. Therefore, you need to work with a pest control service as soon as possible.

A Week Before You Move

If you are not sure if you have pests, schedule a pest inspection about a week before you move to allow your pest control service enough time to check your home and spray if they find pests. Allow a few days after fumigation to let your home air out toxic chemicals. A week gives you wiggle room to clean up any dead insects or rodents as well. For more information on how to prepare for your pest inspection visit, check out Harbor Pest Control’s checklist

Contact Harbor Pest Control

Do not let pests ruin your move into a new house. Instead, prepare your home before setting everything up by getting a pest inspection. For more information on how Harbor Pest Control can help you, contact us today.