How Can You Shore Up Your Defenses Against Pest Invaders

How Can You Defend Your Home Against Pest Invaders?

There are several ways to ensure no pests make it out alive from your property. Here are seven tips on how to shore up your defenses against pest invaders.

Seal cracks and gaps.

Many pests like to hide out in small places that are dark and quiet. Pay attention to any cracks, gaps and holes throughout your house. These include attic vents, basements, bathrooms, crawl spaces, kitchens or windows. Use a caulking gun to fill in any areas that could allow entry for a pest. 

Repair or replace any broken screens that may help keep critters out, and make sure you use them. Leave doors closed, as an open one invites insects and other pests to come inside.

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Upgrade your food containers.

Use storage containers for your food that are good enough to deter unwanted pests. This also involves storage containers for pet food to avoid attracting ants and cockroaches. 


Clean up your yard and the exterior of your home. Remove bricks, leaf litter, logs, plant debris, stones and other items that can attract pests. Many pests find a home in these items, so removing them is essential. Spiders and cockroaches like window wells, so it is vital to keep them clean from plant debris. 

Pests make homes inside plants, so move them away from your foundation. If you have trees or shrubs, trim leaves and branches which are close to or touch your home. In addition, consider getting rid of plants that host specific pests you have already found in your home. Reduce mulch thickness to two to three inches max. Keep it six to eight inches away from your foundation, too.

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Store firewood outside.

Many pests live in and are attracted to wood. Keep firewood outside, away from the walls of your home and off of the ground.

Keep water away from your home.

Your home’s gutters should be connected to downspouts that direct water away from your foundation. Keep your foundation dry to discourage pests that crave moist environments.

Turn off the lights.

Many people like to leave their porch lights on at night. Here’s why you should turn them off: lights attract crickets and other insects.

Use an insecticide.

If all else fails, an insecticide can help. Apply it one to two feet high and one to two feet away from the foundation wall.
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