What Is Termite Fumigation & How Does It Work?

Even though they are small in size, termites are capable of doing immense damage to your home. These tiny terrorizers can cause severe anxiety for a homeowner and can compromise the safety of your house and family. If you think there may be termites in your home, don’t panic. We’re here to help. Our goal is to keep homeowners informed on how your property can be protected from pests; after all, preparation is the best tool for effective prevention. One of the best ways to get rid of termite infestations is by using termite fumigation. Keep reading to discover how this method can be used to keep your home safe. 

What Is Termite Fumigation?

Fumigation is a process that involves purging an area with different types of fumes and chemicals. Termite fumigation utilizes specific fumes to rid an affected area of termites. This method must be used on termite colonies that have become firmly nested in the wood structure of your home. Because they are in such an inaccessible location, soil treatments are rendered useless. Fumigation is only used on severe infestations – less expansive invasions are treated with heat or various termiticides. This method can only be executed by a highly-trained expert as termite fumigation is a delicate procedure that must be handled with care.

How Does It Work?

Fumigation begins when a specialist places tarps around your home. The specialist will seal up cracks, open windows, and place fans at various locations inside the house. The expert will then release fumes into the interior of your home. When the chemicals are released, the fumes begin to circulate and seep into the woodwork, clouding the tunnels and homes that the termites have created. Once the fumigants have made their way inside termite territory, the termites breathe the fumes in, destroying their respiratory systems and killing them. Once the chemicals have had time to adequately impact the infested areas of your home, the specialist will remove the tarps from the outside of the house and let the fumes disperse. The fumigants typically take about six hours to air out of your home completely. 

What Do I Do After Fumigation?

While the fumigation process is an excellent way to eliminate any termite colonies that have infested your home, it is not a fool-proof method of preventing further invasions. Be sure you contact experts to get professional help on how to keep termites out of your home for good. Professionals can seal up cracks and implement direct wood treatment to actively keep pests away from your property. Consider getting regular inspections done on your home so that infestations do not get so severe that fumigation is required. 
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