San Diego 13th Worst City For Termite Problems

In early March of 2017, a major nationwide pest control company released data showing its top 15 cities where it performed the most termite services during the past year. Mobile, Alabama took the first spot, and it was followed by several Florida cities. San Diego took number 13 on the list. Sixth place went to Los Angeles, and experts in SoCal believe that the two cities rank so high because of the many trees and wood structures. Most of SoCal is dry outside of the bigger cities. There are plenty of underground sprinklers, man-made ponds and fountains in cities to keep bushes, trees and other wood hydrated. Also, experts say that many residents do not realize the importance of termite control and do not keep up with preventative treatments.

Dangers Of Termites

Termites are one of the most expensive pests in the United States. They cost consumers well over $5 billion annually in damages. If you own a home or business, termites can destroy anything from the eaves outdoors to the foundation beams under the structure. These pests are good at hiding, and most people do not realize that they have an infestation until the damages are severe. Most termites tunnel into buildings and chew wood. They often start chewing beams or pieces of exposed wood from the backside.

Signs Of Termites

If you notice a swarm of termites, you definitely have a bad infestation. You may miss the swarm but might see piles of shed wings outdoors or in a building. As termite colonies grow too large, swarms take place. The swarming termites then move to other areas of the structure. If left untreated, a termite infestation can take over your entire property.

Since most termites prefer damp wood, the problem starts in trees, firewood or other wood outdoors. One exception is dry wood termites. They eat anything from furniture to wallpaper and textiles in your home, and they enter through cracks along windows and doors. Most other termites use dirt tubes or tunnels. You may see these tubes along your foundation and exterior walls. Professionals can often determine the stage of an infestation by the pattern of the tubes. Gnawed wood or beams that sound unusually hollow when you knock on them may be additional signs of termites.

How To Get Rid Of Termites In San Diego

Avoid using DIY treatments since these are ineffective and only allow the infestation to worsen. At Harbor Pest Control, we have been effectively and quickly removing termite infestations for many years. We also offer preventative treatments, which give you an affordable way to avoid costly damages in the future. Call us for a free quote.